Fostering with Animal Friends of Lansdowne

Animal Friends of Lansdowne (AFL) is not a shelter and does not have a facility in which to house animals. We currently operate as an all-foster organization. As such, our ability to rescue animals is entirely contingent on the number of foster homes we have available at any given time. Simply put: The more foster volunteers we have in our network, the more animals we can rescue with the goal of placing them in adoptive homes. 

The basics of volunteering as a foster are this: foster families care for rescued animals, most often cats or dogs, on a temporary basis by providing a space in their home, food, and affection until a permanent home is found (what we call a furr-ever home). AFL pays for the vet care of these animals through donations. There is no guarantee on how long an animal may take to get adopted. Some are adopted within a couple of weeks, but most often it takes a few months. 

Becoming a foster volunteer can be a great solution for people who love animals, but who either cannot afford vet care or do not want a pet on a permanent basis. Most of our foster volunteers, however, have pets of their own and are looking for a way to help animals who have not yet found a forever home. It’s important to note that for the health of the animals in our care, if you have pets, they must be up-to-date on all vaccines and veterinary care. If you have another cat, this must be an indoor only pet.

If you are interested in committing to volunteer as a foster, please fill out our foster application and a volunteer will be in touch with you. We have available a Foster Manual, which is designed to walk current and potential fosters through our program and to answer questions about what it takes to work as a foster volunteer. If you have any further questions, please contact us at