What our friends say...

"This is an amazing group of people who volunteer their time and money, open their homes and do whatever it takes to care for and protect animals. Thank you so very much to these unsung heroes for all that they do."

This group does SO much work. Not just adoption and foster care, but veterinary care, and a ton of work with the feral cat population in Lansdowne.

"Animal Friends of Lansdowne has the most dedicated, caring volunteers. It doesn't cost anything to join and volunteer. You will be doing your community a world of good and may make some very good friends."

AFL cares about cats. It does its best to find appropriate adopters for its rescues.
I very much appreciate the conscientious care that Animal Friends of Lansdowne brings to the critters of our community. They work hard in the service of animals in need. And we received good support and advice as we fostered and then adopted a kitty who AFL had rescued. They also made sure that we were a good match for her. Cheers!

"We found a litter of kittens at the back of our house. AFL helped us immensely with their medical care, socializing, and general well-being. Two of them have been adopted and we still have the other three. Thank you AFL for all your hard work."

"Most wonderful people who truly care about animals are behind this organization. Please, support them. Help the animals!"

"They are a very dedicated team. We found a very friendly kitten in cold weather last winter around the holidays. No other rescue would take him in. We would have loved to have kept him, but we are too old to be adopting a kitten and our older cats are not accepting of newcomers. AFL directed us to their vet & told us what to have the vet do, as far as shots, testing, etc. They scrambled to find a foster home, so he only had to live in our bathroom for a few days. He went to a beautiful foster home with a loving family on January 2. What other rescue comes up with a foster at that time of year? He is such a special cat that his foster family adopted him. Even though I have volunteered with 3 OTHER rescues, wrote the 501(c)(3) for one, and helped 2 rescues to get the maximum matching dollars per adoption from PetSmart - Only AFL would take this sweet kitten in. And I love that they work with ferals."

You are doing a great service to the community, keep up the wonderful work.

"A much needed service done by wonderful, selfless, caring volunteers."