Happy Tails

We are so happy to stay in touch with our past adopters. When you adopt you truly change lives. Take a look at some of the lives our adopters have saved!


Tina & Louise

"Tina is definitely the adventurer and is the first to do anything, and seek out opportunities to get into trouble! Louise loves to snuggle with us and is very affectionate. Both of them love to sit on the couch and watch tv (their favorites are football and hockey), and have learned all about the magic place that is the kitchen. They are built completely different. Tina is stocky and muscular (and very fluffy) and Louise is long and lean. Thank you again for giving us such wonderful gifts in these two lovebugs!"






This charismatic orange guy was out in the cold, starving and dehydrated, with fleas, worms, a bite wound and broken teeth and nails from evading others who would do him harm.  He walked right up to a sympathetic Lansdownian in her yard, talking a blue streak, and he hasn't stopped talking yet!  After AFL got him cleaned, healthy, neutered and patched up, he quickly charmed his way into a forever home, the prime sunspot with his adoptive feline bother and many many hearts.  His engine never fails to rumble loudly and to live up that of his namesake - an expensive sportscar, the Duesenberg.


Louis Catorze

When a board member recently visited a Lansdowne resident on a business matter, she was surprised to be approached by Shadow, the resident cat, who looked just like Louis Catorze, our AFL foster kitty. She came to find out that the cats were the same age and that both were rescued from local business parking lots just a few blocks from each other last fall. Moreover, Shadow's owner, an AFL supporter, had already looked at Louis online as a possible companion for her Shadow! Could this be a match made in heaven or what? Should we go on the Maury Show and have DNA testing done on these boys, who might well have been separated at birth? Well, Shadow's mom, Aileen, came to Louis' foster home to meet him and the rest is history. As you can see, Shadow and Louis are now best buddies. Reunited brothers? We will never know, but it sure looks possible, doesn't it? Thanks, Aileen, for giving both Shadow and Louis a loving forever home!


Pudd'n & Buddy Boy

“Pudd’n,” “Buddy Boy” and two siblings were born in a Lansdowne window well last summer; and in an instant they were set up for the tough life of a feral cat, at the mercy of cruel weather, insufficient food, predators and likely painful deaths at a young age.

Luckily, two kindhearted residents brought all four kittens and their feral Mama inside and their lives turned, instead, to a fairy tale.  These amazing fosters socialized them and at 6 months their future family – Dave and Diane - fell in love with them on the AFL website.

In the words of their adoptive parents, the two boys are active little rascals who love to chase each other around the house and play with their toys.  Buddy Boy got his name because he turned out to be their best buddy, following everywhere they go, plopping down on their feet as soon as they stop moving and purring the minute they pick him up.  “Pudd’n is a little more timid, but he purrs when you pet him and he has the cutest face.  Right before you put Pudd'n’s food down on the floor he spins around in a circle once or twice squeaking out his little meow.”  

“They join us watching TV on the sofa and at bedtime they both sleep right up against me," says their mom.  "When they nap during day they are usually curled up together.”  This picture shows the brothers  bird-watching and hatching their next adventure.  

AFL is so glad these adorable little guys found such wonderful people.  And in a case of mutual admiration, their people purr, “Our boys are a complete joy.  We enjoy their love and watching their antics.  Best decision we have made in a long time was to adopt them. I want to thank  Animal Friends of Lansdowne for what they do and for posting our cats for adoption.”  

You, too, could turn an animal’s life from one of no hope, to a Happy Tail.  Please help us foster … and Don’t Shop.  Adopt!