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Members receive invitations to special members-only events as well as our newsletter, AFL News, delivered to their homes. We offer a wide array of membership levels to cater to every budget:

  • Young Friend - $10 /year (12 and under)

  • Student Friend - $20 /year (must be a full-time student)

  • Senior Friend - $20 /year (65 or older)

  • Good Friend - $30 /year

  • Family Friend - $50 /year

  • Special Friend - $75 /year

  • Best Friend - $100 /year

  • Forever Friend - $500 (lifetime)

What will donations be used for?

Donations will be used on an ongoing basis to facilitate low-cost spaying, neutering, and inoculations for pets in need, to provide food and veterinary care to animals we rescue and foster, and to generate educational materials and activities to help raise awareness of animal issues in our town. When you donate money to Animal Friends of Lansdowne, we promise that every penny will be spent to benefit animals right here in Lansdowne and will not leave our own community. Please note that donations to Animal Friends of Lansdowne are tax-deductible.

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