Medical Fund

Every penny donated to Animal Friends of Lansdowne goes directly to animals in need in our community. These donations cover our standard vet bills and cover food and other necessary resources for AFL animals. Because we don’t consider any animal too tough a case, we sometimes incur expenses above and beyond what we could anticipate. That’s when we have to reach out to our village for a little extra help. Your support is appreciated more than you can know!

Below is an example of what a special instance might be:


This sweet girl was brought to us by a kind individual who noticed that Willow appeared to be pregnant. Willow was quickly brought in for vetting with a foster lined up thanks to some amazing Facebook friends.

Unfortunately, Willow’s vet visit wasn’t without complications. We learned that Willow was early on in her pregnancy but sadly, had a serious infection. To avoid suffering for both mom and her unborn litter, Willow was spayed. This also meant that Willow needed to be boarded and in isolation as she was treated, instead of comfortably home with a loving foster.

Willow is expected to make a complete recovery and will be adoptable in a month or so, however the cost to board Willow weighs heavily. A few weeks of boarding, plus treatment, goes above and beyond our typical vet costs.

We’re so grateful to be able to get Willow healthy, but we want to be sure that no future animal will be turned away because of these additional costs. Anything that you can give not only helps Willow, but helps save the life of another animal in need!

$5, $10, $20 - every dollar makes a difference!