Medical Fund

Every penny donated to Animal Friends of Lansdowne goes directly to animals in need in our community. These donations cover our standard vet bills and cover food and other necessary resources for AFL animals. Because we don’t consider any animal too tough a case, we sometimes incur expenses above and beyond what we could anticipate. That’s when we have to reach out to our village for a little extra help. Your support is appreciated more than you can know!

Below is an example of what a special instance might be:


This sweet boy desperately needs your help! Wrigley was found emaciated, terrified and dehydrated. This handsome Siamese kitty was in rough shape. He was immediately taken to the emergency vet. He was given sub-q fluids and sent home to receive some TLC along with the vet’s orders to get some food in his very skinny, little body. His build is that of a very large cat, yet he only weighed 6.7 lbs.

Wrigley quickly became an absolute love bug, wanting nothing more than affection. Sadly, he continued to avoid food. His devoted caretaker did everything she could to encourage an appetite, yet nothing seemed to work. He continued to lose weight. Since being found, Wrigley has experienced countless vet visits, tests, forced fluids and everything in between.

Wrigley’s blood work is now showing severe anemia, which has led to a litany of medications and a feeding tube. His unbelievably patient and kind caregiver spends hours lying on the floor with him to make the feeding tube and the poking and prodding a little more bearable. He loves to curl up around her neck, under her arm, or stretched out across her chest. We will give this little guy all that we possibly can to help him get better, but we can’t do it alone.

After some weeks with the feeding tube and medications, Wrigley will go back for repeat blood work. As we continue to monitor Wrigley’s progress and keep providing this care, we see the vet bills snowballing.

Wrigley’s health is a top priority for us, but we also want to be sure that no future animal will be turned away because of the additional costs his care incurs. Anything that you can give not only helps Wrigley, but can help save the life of another animal in need!

$5, $10, $20 - every dollar makes a difference!